Worlds Of Wonder

Author: David Gerrold
Publisher: Writers Digest Books
ISBN: PSU:000045700750
Size: 19.22 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Worlds of Wonder showcases the range and power of the human imagination, transported across strange worlds, lost civilizations, and brave new realities. Now, with the help of David Gerrold, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author, readers will learn, step-by-step, how to turn their words into works of wonder.Drawing on a career spanning three decades of writing and teaching, Gerrold also uses examples from numerous classic books and films to support their growth within the genre. Readers will gain insight into the craft as well as practice techniques that will immediately improve their writing as they are charmed and challenged by Gerrold's infectious passion for his craft and profession. Worlds of Wonder will ignite the engines of readers' enthusiasm in ways that will astonish them.* Written by one of the biggest, most-recognized and most-honored names in the field!* the science fiction and fantasy genres are currently riding a new wave of popularityDavid Gerrold is one of the most popular science fiction writers working today. His first professional sale, the Star Trek episode "Trouble With Tribbles," won a Hugo Award. He has written for television, published over forty books, and has written columns for six magazines. In 1995, his novelette the Martian Child won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards. Gerrold lives in San Fernando, California, and teaches writing at Pepperdine University.

Worlds Of Wonder Days Of Judgment

Author: David D. Hall
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674962168
Size: 15.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book tells an extraordinary story of the people of early New England and their spiritual lives. David Hall describes a world of religious consensus and resistance: a variety of conflicting beliefs and believers ranging from the committed core to outright dissenters.

Worlds Of Wonder

Author: Emily Martha Sorensen
Publisher: Emily Martha Sorensen
ISBN: 9781537879031
Size: 11.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fantasy and science fiction short stories aimed at young adult and middle grade readers. “Rite of Passage” Twelve-year-old twins Jaeda and Kaedin are preparing for their society’s rite of passage. Kaedin’s hoping to get magic. Jaeda just wants to survive. But neither are prepared for the surprise awaiting them. “A Phone Conversation” An alien child calls the White House while trying to reach McDonald’s. “The Spinning Talent” When Della’s roommate is stupid enough to give away a ring that protects her from her birth-curse, Della is forced to reveal herself as a goldspinner in order to find her roommate’s true love. “Unicess” In a world where everyone gets wings, Elysia is the only one who doesn’t have hers yet. “Cindy’s Fairy Godmother” Cinderella’s daughter meets a grumpy fairy godmother who gives her three wishes — which do not go as planned. “Monster Under the Bed” Jennifer’s best friend is the monster under her bed. Unfortunately, her brand new baby-sitter wants to get rid of him. “Time Switch” After spending three months in 1923, Saylee comes back home to 2083, only to discover that everything has changed. “The Apple of Discord” In the world of Greek mythology, Cassandra’s slave picks up the Apple of Discord, instead of her brother Paris. She’s asked to choose which goddess is the most beautiful. But what answer will prevent war? “Advanced Precognition” Sarah knows she’s in trouble when her Advanced Precognition class expects her to finish her homework assignments before she’s assigned them. “Beauty and Brave” An powerful female dragon has to save her little brother when he’s kidnapped by a human who wants him for a pet. “The Dragon and the Santa” After trying to eat Rudolph, a dragon ends up pulling Santa’s sleigh. “Invoice” Buying oil from alien governments might not be a good idea. “Interplanetary Edition” Why are the humans inviting aliens to visit from every parallel universe they can find? Everybody has a different explanation, but the true answer is very silly. “Schedule TMTR” Because even time-travelers have to pay income tax. “On the Way Through the Woods” A kleptomaniac princess and a good witch meet a monster in the forest who does NOT like people stealing his roses. “When the Wilkinsons Grew” Strange things often happen when the Wilkinsons are involved.

Worlds Of Wonder

Author: Robert D. Stanley
Publisher: Pronoun
ISBN: 9781521010051
Size: 15.14 MB
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This collection contains nine stories from the mind of Robert D. Stanley, author of the Storm Seer’s Prophecy series. Pathfinder: After a catastophic accident claims lives aboard a short range shuttle, the captain of the Pathfinder leads a delegation to the planet they are studying to try and make amends for the tragedy. A Kiss Before Dying: A grieving husband, visited by two strangers, is asked to make an impossible choice. The Deal on the Docks: A deal goes south for Regar the dwarf, but he still has the upper hand against his unpaying customers. Sit back, relax and regale in tales that could only come from Worlds of Wonder!

Worlds Of Wonder

Author: Camille R. La Bossière
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press
ISBN: 9780776605708
Size: 20.99 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Science fiction and fantasy have come to be popular genres for Canadian writers. The work of Margaret Atwood, for example, contains many allusions to science fiction; indeed she has written novels that work explicitly with the tropes of the genre. While some science fiction and fantasy texts are concerned with little more than brains in jars on a distant planet or similarly fabulous Fairy-land fare, many works in both genres have contained penetrating social commentary and cutting-edge narrative techniques. Worlds of Wonder brings together an array of scholarship on Canadian Science fiction and fantasy as varied as the genres themselves. Collectively, the contributors strive to define the ethos particular to Canadians working in the genres. They pay particular attention to narrative modes, and there are many allusions to such theorists of 'grand narratives' as Northrop Frye, Frank Kermode, Jean-François Lyotard, and Fredric Jameson. Amongst many things, the essays demonstrate that duality and ambiguity are defining characteristics of Canadian science fiction and fantasy.